Disconnect.me Review

I recently installed the disconnect.me add-on to the Firefox web browser because it was listed at Prism Break as providing more privacy while browsing.

Three days later I permanently removed it.

In a nutshell, disconnect.me is a fairly new add-on that either did not work, or was to obtuse in the sparse information being provided one could not tell if it was working, or ultimately slowed my web browser to a crawl and prevented basic operations on several websites. The biggie was the incredible slow down in browsing.

Disconnect.me is supposed to prevent cookies from being set by snoops and third party tracking services. Big deal. This can be done in Firefox by simply setting your cookie preferences to not accept third party cookies.

However, disconnect.me supposedly offered additional protection against analytics programs gathering information about web visitor. I’m not sure whether cookies are needed for this. Keep in mind, information about what this add-on actually does is very limited on the website. The so-called user forum is has complaints about responses being as uninformative as the site and the product.

But even if this worked the process by which a web page may be sped up by not having to wait for a third party analytics program to run was more than offset by having to wait for the third party disconnect.me service to run to prevent the other third party services from running.

Yes, it’s ironic.

Bottom line: this appears to be a new service created by geeks with little appreciation for customer service. The service should be considered a beta mode. For now it is a nice concept but lacking in execution. The best thing I did to speed up my web browser and browsing experience today was to completely remove this horrible add-on.

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2 comments on “Disconnect.me Review
  1. Tim says:

    the website disconnect.me is owned by Amazon!

  2. Boem.tails.org says:

    We prefer tailsOS or

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