Facebook – Knowing if a Friend Request Has Been Rejected

When you select someone on Facebook to be your friend there are 3 options listed on the far right-side of the box containing their information:

- Add as Friend

- Send a Message

- View Friends

If you choose the Add as Friend option this person will become your friend after they confirm your request.  The person can also choose to ignore your request and not add you as a friend.

If you are not quickly added as a friend, how do you know if the person has ignored your request, or has not seen it or is contemplating a response?

After making the Add as Friend option, that option will become grayed out and change to Friend Requested.

So long as it is grayed out and says ‘Friend Requested’ you have not been ignored.  If the person chooses to ignore your request, that option will again revert to Add as Friend – a live option you can click on.

Of course, making another request after being ignored can get you reported to Facebook, but that is how you know if your friend request has been ignored or not.  If you still see Friend Requested the friend request is pending.  If you have the option of adding the person as a friend you have unfortunately been ignored.  If your friend request is accepted, glorious day, you will be notified through Facebook.

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10 comments on “Facebook – Knowing if a Friend Request Has Been Rejected
  1. seerceicugh says:

    Oh my goodness I loved reading this.

  2. opop! says:

    sad story :( .. nah kidding , i was wondering actually , and now i got it answered , thanks :)

  3. victiv says:

    no, thats wrong. i asked my friend to ignore me just to see if thats true, but when he ignored me i went to his profile and it still had the grayed out ‘Friend Requested’ message, not the ‘Add as friend’. i think that may have been true with facebook’s old layout, but i know that’s not true with its new one.

  4. akshay says:

    victiv is right, new facebook has some new changes……….

  5. Rebecca says:

    Yeah,,it’s true…I sent this person a friend request and he was angry at me so he ignored my friend request…and then I saw the link was: Add as friend” again…

  6. Claire says:

    yeah..it’s true

  7. Agatha says:

    Really? I didn’t know it..thanks so much! (I’m new on fb, that’s why)

  8. Secret says:

    This might be true because last time I sent a friend request to this person and then after months of waiting, that person still didn’t answer it. Then my close friend chatted with this person and that person said that he/she ignored my request. And when I read this and checked on that person’s profile, it said, “Add as friend”. I just loved reading this too.

  9. John sena says:

    victiv was right…. i told my friend to ignore me when i sent a friend request to him, after when he ignored me… it’s still showing me as “friend request sent”…… Pls someone suggest me ” how to know if someone had ignored our friend request “…….. Thanks

  10. Tyes says:

    When I send friend requests, it usually is confirmed the same day.
    If it’s been weeks without confirmation then that means s/he does not want to be my friend. Whether they decide that by ignoring my request or “rejecting” is all the same. So, I just move on because my life is good with or without them.

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