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SEO Hosting is a type of web hosting designed for Internet marketers and businesses looking to have additional control over the search engine optimization efforts.

The key feature is that instead of hosting all of your domains on one IP address, as is the norm for web hosting, your hosting account offers numerous different IP addresses.

What this allows you to do is have website X on one IP address and to link it to website Y on another IP address. The idea is that by appearing to be owned by different people there will be a boost in the value of that link.

If, on the other hand, Google were to view the link from X to Y as being from the same person because the websites are located at the same address, the thought is that Google would devalue the link.

That argument is not important here. Rather, for those looking for SEO hosting to find a good service to use. Many SEO hosting companies have very similar names and urls, so you need to pay close attention to who you are dealing with:

Recommended: – This is a HostGator service I have used for many years. The only problem is that the cost per each IP address in your account is expensive. Starting at about $7 per address. It is the most expensive service I have seen. But it is dependable and HostGator is highly recommended. – Another service we are trying. SkyNetHosting has received good reviews elsewhere, offers comprehensive hosting packages, and it is only $2 per IP address. However, you need the $99 per month plan to get whm features that let you quickly add websites to each IP address. Otherwise, you need to submit a ticked to get this done. I’m not sure why this is not standard for all of their hosting plans. – I have not tried this but it has had good reviews and is only $2 per IP. The reason I chose SkyNetHosting over SeoHost is because SeoHost does not list its hosting features on its website. Very odd. Reading their website carefully it looks like the hosting may not be full featured, such as having a cpanel, to save money.

Not Recommended:

These sites are about universally condemned on the web as places to avoid: – Terrible record keeping websites online. – Absolutely hilarious postings of sales and support refusing to provide any information about the company, where it is hosted, what is offered, etc.

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